Thursday, November 7, 2013


"lol sir, you looked surprised", I whispered.

Hello fellow readers (for those who can still recognize me that is!), 

Sorry about the abrupt hiatus! But now that I'm back, here is a quick update: I graduated from college, I am currently working for a food company in Singapore andddd I am absolutely miserable without Emily and Nadia here happy where I am. Though..... there might be a huge chance of me getting me self back in LA this spring(Yes Em. Yes Nad. Y'all read this right!) andddd I will be staying for another 6 months to complete my minor in management. I did not have the time to update this space because of work and graduation. It left me dizzied and dazed but I think I pulled it off pretty well! I did so many things before work life consumed my life and youth. So kids, enjoy your college life because good things don't last that long. 

STOP. [Sunglasses by Rayban, Tank Top by Dimepiece, Skirt by Zara, Jacket's from a vintage store. ]

Time flies, but be the pilot,



  1. Congratulations on graduating! :) I'm in my final year already, I can't believe how quick it's gone! Love your skirt, I've one really like it from Oasis, it's so versatile
    Lucy X
    Short Girl, High Heels
    SGHH Bloglovin'


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