Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Taken a few weeks back when my so-called 'other-half' Dewi traveled back to LA for a couple of days. Unlike now, it was full on sunny - making it especially ideal to dress minimally. We were just meandering off the arts district for the first time and discovered that the place is underrated for its graffiti. Literally almost every inch of wall in each corner is plastered with some kind of art, making it hard to resist taking pictures against it ;)


Paired up my new favorite closet additions from Zara - loose navy chiffon tank with the soft vintage-patterned cropped trousers. I think its a common tendency for me to match simple tops with patterned bottoms but I just love how soft the materials are and how the colors contrasted against each other in this case.

On another note, did an unexpected DIY yesterday - embraced my boredom and cut off most of my hair with the kitchen scissor. Surprisingly didn't look as bad as I thought it would be, considering the fact I'm a far-cry from a decent hairdresser. First time in seven years to have my hair as short as this one, but hey, i'm all for self-experimentation and all that. 

It's almost liberating to do something others told me not to do haha sorry mom xx E


  1. Love this look! So simple and chic. The backdrop is just jaw dropping too!


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